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Wedge-tailed Eagle

Aquila audax

Falconiformes - Accipitridae - Hawks, eagles & Old world vultures

Distribution: Australia, S New Guinea

Habitat: Open forest, woodland, scrub, savanna, plains & deserts

Diet: Mammals, birds, reptiles and carrion

Breeding: Large platform of sticks, 70-90cm wide, 30-80cm deep, lined with green leaves. 2-73 m above the ground in tallest available tree.

Clutch size: 1-3 eggs

Incubation: 42-48 days

Fledge age: 79-95 days

Maturity: 3 years


Protocol from International Centre for Birds of Prey

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Protocol established 1988
Used on 2 individuals
Success rate 100.00%


Protocol used for at least 5 individuals with over 75% success 
Used by 2 or more institutions 
Points on minimizing imprinting 
Birds went on to produce fertile eggs 
Birds went on to successfully parent rear 

Warning points

Please keep us up-to-date and contact us with your own updates or new protocols for rearing the Wedge-tailed Eagle.


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